Further Information / Links

Useful Websites and Expat Groups:

www.ums.ch                                         managed furnished sublets throughout Switzerland

www.professionalwomensgroup.com   networking group for women

www.meetup.com                                 expat meetings, events, activities, etc

www.glocals.com                                  expat meetings, events, activities, etc

www.bscc.ch                                         British Swiss Chamber of Commerce

www.gmacg.com                                   tax and legal consultants, specialised in Expat questions

www.atgroup.ch                                     financial, tax, pension and insurance advisors

www.standrewszurich.ch                       Anglican Episcopalian church in Zurich, known as The English Church

www.britishresidents.ch                         association for British and Commonwealth Expats

www.zhic.org                                         Zurich International Club